Sorry, this business plan has been terminated.
Hopefully it will be restructured and
reintroduced in the near future.


Buy Your Next Vehicle Wholesale

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Hi, I’m Don Pfortmiller

I can get you Cars, Trucks and SUVs at Wholesale prices
and save you Thousands.

I have access to the Dealer-Only Wholesale Private Auctions where dealers get their used vehicles.
I can get you a Car, Truck or SUV for much less than you would pay at a dealership.

These vehicles are professionally inspected with a guarantee, ready to drive,
no repairs needed, and delivered to your door. 

They don’t have the huge dealer markup and you won’t have to waste hours of your time
sitting in a dealer’s office, haggling over the price.

These are Corporate vehicles, Lease vehicles,  Dealer Demo vehicles
and Overstock from dealer lots.

We have a variety of in-house financing for all types of credit.

We also have extended warranties.  

If you are interested, please Contact me.

To find out more, check out the “Buy Vehicles Wholesale” page 

To find out more about me, visit the “About Don” page.

Watch a 2 min. video at the bottom of this page and see how Vendue Wholesale works.

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers 2

This is my nephew Mike in Oklahoma City.
Standing in front of the vehicle he recently purchased through Vendue.

Mikes vehicle

This is how Vendue works. (2 minutes)

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